F150 Made in Missouri, Sold in Moberly

The Ford F150 is made in Missouri. A great reason for Missourians to buy a Ford Truck. The F150 is the best selling vehicle in the US for 24 years. A tribute to the hard working Missourians who craft these trucks. The Claycomo, Missouri plant is one of the largest plants in the US, and it is said that about one truck a minute can be produced there at full capacity, according to Fortune Magazine. more> 

Protect Your Auto Investment with Reputation

Web shopping is great, you can see what is available and what pricing is looking like. Problem is there are some things you cannot "see" on the web. The web can't help you compare, the invisible qualities of the dealer. Stuff like honesty and reputation are hard to picture or describe. There is no button where you click and get a picture of the heart of the folks at the dealership. Many dealers don't bother to talk about it. I think it is important, in fact essential. more>