Web shopping is great, you can see what is available and what pricing is looking like. Problem is there are some things you cannot “see” on the web. The web can't help you compare, the invisible qualities of the dealer. Stuff like honesty and reputation are hard to picture or describe. There is no button where you click and get a picture of the heart of the folks at the dealership. Many dealers don't bother to talk about it. We think it is important, in fact essential.

There are many aspects of a deal, including financing, warranties, service agreements, and extras that get tagged on to that great internet price. Dealers have lots of tricks up there sleeves: the interest rate, loan insurance, trade-in pricing, and little extras that can rob thousands from your pocket without you even knowing.

We play my cards straight as do all the folks here at Moberly Motors. There are no hidden traps for you to fall into here. No pressure to buy or tricks. We couldn't sleep at night if we made my living like that. We sell honest cars at honest prices. We do make money selling cars, no shame there, we work for a living. We don't make the cars; we provide a service of great value. We want you to get a great vehicle, at a fair price, and have peace of mind. Next to your house likely your vehicle is your next largest investment. Our job is to help you make that investment wisely and honestly.

Since we couldn't take a photo of honesty, and our web guy couldn't make it appear on your screen, you will just have to come in and shake a hand or two and see what a local dealer is like. The Miller family has been shaking hands and giving their word to good people since 1943. Every day is another opportunity to build our reputation, and do an honest days work. Helping you invest your hard earned money in a vehicle.

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Moberly Motors

1520 North Morley Street
Directions Moberly, MO 65270

  • Contact Us: (660) 263-6000
  1. Moberly Motors

    1520 North Morley Street
    Moberly, MO 65270

    • Sales: (660) 263-6000
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