Here at Moberly Ford, we're always about being prepared. You've probably noticed the drop in temperatures in the area, and for those in the likes of Centralia and the greater Columbia, MO areas that means winter isn't too far behind. We recommend that you're ready for it, and that includes having your vehicle serviced and making sure you're all prepped for the colder months.

Here in our service center, you're going to be able to find that our highly skilled team is here to assist you with all your winter ready repair needs. That includes routine services that you'll need like oil and filter changes to ensure you have clean engine oil so everything can run smoothly on startup. You're also able to get battery checks, or get a replacement battery installed if you're in need of one because your current battery is low on power, or isn't starting your vehicle up when you use the ignition. We also will check your heating system as you're going to want clean, warm air to fill the cabin and your defrosters to work to clear off any snow, ice or fog ups on your windows.

We'll also install winter tires for those who use them, as they help give you added traction and control on the roads when the conditions are not ideal, so you have added peace of mind. We also can help you replace wiper blades, provide scrappers and brushes for cleaning off your vehicle if snow is on it, and much more at Moberly Ford serving those in Macon and Mexico, MO.

To learn more and get started, contact our service team or schedule an appointment online and we'd be happy to find a time that works for you and have your car, truck or SUV all prepped for winter here at the Moberly Ford service center today!

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