Let's be honest folks, next to stubbing your toe and waiting in line at the bank, getting in a fender bender is one of the least fun things you can do. All you want to do is get your car fixed up and get on with your life, but at many auto body shops throughout Columbia and Centralia, MO, you'll find yourself jumping through hoops over insurance, haggling with service advisers, and ultimately left in the lurch without a ride in some cases. Luckily, you'll have a wholly different experience when you entrust the care of your car to us here at the Moberly Motors body shop.

As one of the primary body shops serving Ford and Jeep SUV drivers here in the greater Moberly area, we understand that accidents happen, and not always in the ways you might expect. Sure, there's the usual stuff like accidentally backing into a parked car or accidentally scraping up against a curb, but this is Missouri after all, so we've seen a lot of other wild stuff that requires body work. From dents and dings from off-road adventures in your Jeep Wrangler to crater-like divots to your Ford F-150 bed from the errant hail storm, there's a lot of odd stuff that can result in your car needing body work.

Fortunately, whether it’s a small dent in your bumper, or your bumper is missing all together, it's no trouble for us. With the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools, we excel at delivering quality auto body car to Ford vehicles, Jeep Brand SUVs, and a variety of other popular brands out the for Missouri drivers.

So, if you're in need of auto body service here Moberly, MO, we'd love to earn your business. Schedule a consultation with our body shop online today.

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